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In The Community


Youth Services

The Youth Services work of Rotary is specifically targeted at youngsters within the community. Within the Salisbury Club there is a committee of 6 Rotarians whose work experience ranges from the EU, the legal profession, local government, charity work, wealth management and the armed forces. There are 3 strands to their work:

Competitions. Leadership Development. Salisbury Young Carers

Community Committee

The Community and Vocational Committee plays an important part in the local community of Salisbury. We organise a range of events for children such as Kids Out, Pantomime visits, Solent Dolphin boat rides and an annual Cubs Chess Competition. We are very keen to take part in local projects with schools and youth groups as well as with arts foundations. An important part of our work involves allocating funds to improve the lives of local people

Funding Request

Salisbury Rotary has some money available each year to help fund local charity and community projects. If you would like to apply for some financial help, please click here to tell us how we can help. Show form